Aruba Vacation


As I mentioned in my first post, my husband and I vacationed last week in Aruba with our dear friends. They have a time share there and have been gracious enough to have brought us along with them twice now.

The beaches there are like heaven on earth. The ocean is so beautiful.  My girlfriend and I were saying (while relaxing on the beach), “When we get to heaven, wouldn’t it be nice if it were just like this. White sand, clear blue ocean water and light breezes.” We agreed it would be the perfect place to meet up with our lost loved ones.

While floating in the ocean, I found that our conversations always centered around our kids and grand kids. We talked about how perfect it would be if we could have them all here together with us. We talked about how the youngest of our grand children would love playing in the sand with their beach toys while their older siblings would love playing in the calm ocean water.

It always amazes me how no matter how far from home we are, our conversations always seem to focus on family. We compare notes on what our grand children are doing now. Their unique ways and conversations that make us smile.

I know some people go away because they need time to refresh and recharge. I always feel that I get recharged the most when I’m with my family; I miss them all so much when we’re away. I am by no means saying I won’t go away again, but it makes me look forward to our family vacations that much more.