Labor of Love

As we enjoy the last “official” weekend of summer, I began thinking about the fun times we had this summer with our grandchildren.

We were fortunate enough to spend a week on Long Beach Island, NJ with our oldest son Mike, his wife Kim and their three children. Besides how impressed I was with all the rebuilding that had been done since hurricane Sandy, I was impressed by how much our grandchildren enjoyed the beach and the ocean. It was our youngest grandson Evan’s first visit to the beach. At a month and a half old, he handled it like a trooper.

After we returned home, our son Brian, his wife Jen and their three children came from Ohio to spend a week with us. Having all six grandchildren together can be crazy but it fills the hole in my heart that’s there when we’re not all together.

We got to spend another day at the beach with five of our six grandchildren and close friends of our families two boys. It was such a beautiful day. The water was perfect and the kids had a great time jumping waves with their parents and their PopPop. Unfortunately for me I had eye surgery that week and couldn’t get water in my eye. But, I was able to get my feet wet and watch them play.

It was fun watching the grandkids interact. Our four year old grandson Garrett was thrilled to be able to play games on the iPad with his cousin Emma. She is our oldest granddaughter (10 years old). She seemed to enjoy spending time with Garrett too.

Our three younger grandchildren, Zoey, Oliver and Olivia ( all 2 years old) had their good times and bad. Sharing toys is still a little touch-and-go with them. But, they seemed to have fun together.

Baby Evan slept and ate through it all. Don’t worry Evan, you’ll be running around with them next summer!

It won’t be long before we’re all together again…Christmas! It’s right around the corner.

After our time together and everyone went home, the house was quiet again. It always takes me a few days to adjust to the silence.

Happy Labor Day everyone. I hope you get to spend the day with your loved ones.


Aruba Vacation


As I mentioned in my first post, my husband and I vacationed last week in Aruba with our dear friends. They have a time share there and have been gracious enough to have brought us along with them twice now.

The beaches there are like heaven on earth. The ocean is so beautiful.  My girlfriend and I were saying (while relaxing on the beach), “When we get to heaven, wouldn’t it be nice if it were just like this. White sand, clear blue ocean water and light breezes.” We agreed it would be the perfect place to meet up with our lost loved ones.

While floating in the ocean, I found that our conversations always centered around our kids and grand kids. We talked about how perfect it would be if we could have them all here together with us. We talked about how the youngest of our grand children would love playing in the sand with their beach toys while their older siblings would love playing in the calm ocean water.

It always amazes me how no matter how far from home we are, our conversations always seem to focus on family. We compare notes on what our grand children are doing now. Their unique ways and conversations that make us smile.

I know some people go away because they need time to refresh and recharge. I always feel that I get recharged the most when I’m with my family; I miss them all so much when we’re away. I am by no means saying I won’t go away again, but it makes me look forward to our family vacations that much more.