I have thought about blogging for quite some time, however never took the time to sit down and do it. My friend Lily kept urging me to do so. Every time I tell her a story about my grandchildren she would say, “You should blog about it so they will be able to read it someday.”

I finally took her advice and began writing. My husband and I have five amazing grandchildren. They make us smile everyday. Three of the five don’t live near us so we have to make the most of our visits with them.

We have two grandchildren that live nearby so we get to spend a lot of time with them. Even though they are not all together, we still are able to watch them all grow.

Being a grandparent is a second chance to get it right. When our own boys were growing up we were all so busy with work and school. The years just went by so fast. Now since we have more time, we are able to spend more quality time with the grandchildren.

I urge all young parents to spend as much time as you can with your little ones. They grow up so fast. However, if you are as lucky as we are, someday you will be a grandparent!

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