Why I’m Thankful

Fall 2013 056

As I’ve told you before, we are fortunate enough to have five beautiful grandchildren. Two of them live local to us and we get to spend a lot of time with them. Before Halloween I got to bake cookies with our grandson Garrett (3 1/2). He listened very carefully to my instructions with measuring the ingredients. He helped me mix the batter for our cupcakes and waited patiently for the cupcakes to be ready. I put on the icing and Garrett decorated with sprinkles. I ‘m not sure how many sprinkles actually made it on the cupcakes, but we had fun. His little sister Zoey (19 months) was taking a nap while all this was going on, but she got to taste test a cupcake when she woke up. Next year she will get to help too.

Our other three grandchildren, Emma, Oliver and Olivia live 600 miles away.
That night we received a bunch of pictures via text of them decorating rice crispy treats for Halloween. Our oldest granddaughter (9 years) was helping her twin brother and sister (17 months) with the decorating. Her Mom said she had such patience with them.

We saw pictures of them eating the tubes of icing and laughing with each other. Quite like Garrett and the sprinkles, occasionally they got some icing on the cookies. I shared the pictures with Garrett and he giggled as he looked at the pictures of his cousins.

I am thankful that we live in a time where even though we are so far away from our family, we can still participate in their lives thanks to modern technology. We have so many options available to us for communicating. We can text, Skype, use Face Time. We are fortunate to be living now. I often wonder what our ancestors did.

I look forward to our visits when we can all be together and we can do things with all our grandchildren at once. But I am grateful for the technology we have that will keep us forever together.

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