Fall Fun

Last weekend we got to go pumpkin picking with two of our grandchildren. Our granddaughter (19 months) got the attention of everyone with her little pig tails, sweet smile and her orange Tutu. Her outfit was adorable with the little pumpkin on her backside.  She is the apple of her father’s eye.  People stopped him to ask, “Where can we find one of those in the pumpkin patch?”

Her brother (3 1/2 years) went off on a search for the perfect pumpkin. He ran around the entire patch. He was very adamant that he needed to pick out four pumpkins.

He found four perfect pumpkins. He said one was for me and his Pop Pop. One was for him and one for his sister. His Dad was going to put the fourth pumpkin back at the checkout, but our grandson said, “No!”

When we got back to their house we all took our pumpkins. Our grandson ran in the house with pumpkin number four. His grandmother, our daughter-in-law’s Mom, lives with them.  The fourth pumpkin was for her. She has been ill and this little pumpkin meant the world to her.  It was such a sweet gesture for such a young soul.

Our grandson made us all proud that day. Both he and that small pumpkin put a smile on all of our faces.

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